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In My Backyard


In My Backyard 02

It’s been a great week to be in my backyard. The flowers are coming out to play.

In My Backyard 03

Such happy daisies.

In My Backyard 01

And such bright cheerful black eyed susans.

In My Backyard 04

Not to mention I have a couple of these birdies flying around!

In My Backyard 05

I saw the female cardinal first. She was very shy and would barely let me get any closer. This is the time I wish I had a telephoto lens to get the sharpest picture possible.

In My Backyard 06

Then the male cardinal came to her calls and he was so bright red. I wish he would just stay still for 2 seconds to get a better picture…that’s my goal while these two are still around.

Other than that my weekend is going to be about organizing and cleaning. Not to mention I have a couple chapters left in the book I’m reading, Sycamore Row, which I’m loving but hate for it to end. The next book I have lined up is Cuckoo’s Calling, not exactly a new book, but it’s a free borrowed book, the best kind.

Have a great weekend.

Keep Smiling

Author: nicocobell

California girl living on the east coast who just recently found her love of photography, loves great food, enjoys spending time with her pets and occasionally likes to travel.

3 thoughts on “In My Backyard

  1. Beautiful flowers and some pretty birds, enjoyed them!


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