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First Sunset of 2015

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Whenever it is you may be reading this.

I worked yesterday but was lucky enough to get out early and capture some photos of the sunset (I originally typed sunsets of the photo, I think I need get some coffee haha.) It was so freaking chilly and I’m still recovering from twisting my ankle really bad right before Thanksgiving. It was worth it though. Worth the chilly weather not the ankle twisting, ha :/

January 2nd Sunset 2

This was taken at one of the nearby parks, people were walking the track and a bunch of guys were out playing football. If you were outside, you had to be moving. My hands got super cold a couple times because I didn’t bring gloves. Which reminds me, I have to do a major search this weekend for my gloves from last year, by Wednesday it’s supposed to get to 12 at night with a possibility of snow! Shhh, don’t tell anyone I’m excited for snow or I’ll get the dirty looks, haha.

January 2nd Sunset 1

I’m thinking next time I go out for sunset pictures I’ll carry along a thermos of hot cocoa. Hot cocoa and warm woolen mittens….these are a few of my favorite things… haha, already singing

Have a great weekend and let me know if you find my gloves :)

Keep Smiling,

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Happy New Year 2015 – Missed Photos of 2014

Looking back on posts that I have done for 2014 I realized I had missed some great photos that I forgot to share. Today I’d like to share some of my favorites.

Moss Landing

California Beach

Rocky Coast Line

View from the Top

Summer Time

Great Blue Heron

Ruffing It

Minnesota Sunset 03

Soaking up some rays

Ocean City MD

Ocean City MD

49ers Fan

Being a 49ers fan was tough this year.

Sister's Bridal Party

My sister got married <3

Sorry for the photo dump.

Hope you’re starting off your year great.  Seeing some of my great photos from last year is inspiring me to keep going.  Photography is something that I really enjoy, I love looking back at memories and especially when it invokes a good memory.

Happy New Year, may your 2015 be filled with some really great memories!

Keep smiling <3



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Top 5 Posts of 2014

These were my top 5 most visited if you didn’t catch them:

  1. Water Color – April Fools – its a Waterlogue App that changes your photos into water color photos, really cool.
  2. Foto Friday – Frozen Fingers Edition   – this was photos of a last January’s storm, pretty cool photos if I do say so myself.
  3. Throw Back Thursday – Gramercy Park – Photo I took in New York in the Spring
  4. Inspiring Spring Sunset – the title says it all.  It was an amazing sky that day.
  5. In My Backyard – The flowers were bloomed the birds were out chirping.

Honorable Mention: Historic Morristown New Jersey

There are some photographs that I took throughout the year that I never shared.  My goal for tomorrow is to share some of those.  So check back if you can :)

Keep Smiling


Confetti Sky – Taken with iPhone

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December 29 2014

Well I’m a little behind on getting a planner this year. I decided to order another Erin Condren Planner.

Good Boy

I’m hoping for a good year and to get more great photographs. The above is Rocky being a good boy and posing for me.

Do you have any planners you recommend? I was thinking of getting a Filofax but that might be too much customizing for me.

One of my ideas for the new year is to use a wall in my apartment and make it like an Instagram wall. Follow me on Instagram if you’re not already: chloechica

Do you have any plans for New Years Eve? I am enjoying the night in the comfort of my own home with a half bottle of champagne and watching the NYE celebrations on the television. A half bottle is great because I’ll have enough for a mimosa in the morning :)

Champagne is the best part about New Years Eve!

Keep smiling…which isn’t hard with a glass of bubbly in hand :) Continue reading

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Just Wanted To Share

Christmas is a day away and I feel like we just started December.  How can 2015 even be here in a week?!

Well I wanted to share that the photo I posted on Sunday got picked for the Explore Section of Flickr!
Fluidr / Pacific Coast by NiCocoBell

This rarely happens for me so I got excited about it.  I believe Fluidr keeps the photos that were shared, where the Flickr Explore page just has the photos chosen for that day.

I just wanted to recommend anyone use a backup system of some kind.  I had tons of pictures on my computer and then my computer crashed and I couldn’t recover any of the photos.  After that happened I joined Flickr and uploaded anything important along with backing up photos to another drive.  There are vacation photos I can never get back.  Uploading them online is helpful too because if your computer is stolen or destroyed by fire or flood, you still have those photos online. Okay I’m done with my PSA for now, haha.

Merry Christmas and Keep Smiling!


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